How it works

Below are some screen shots showing you how simple Fee From Refund is.

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Step 1. Login to the secure site
Fee From Refund Login
Step 2. Enter your client’s details

(or import your existing database from your tax software to save this step).

Fee From Refund Client's Details
Step 3. Submit the Authority request to Fee From Refund at the click of a button.
Step 4. After the refund has been processed

Once the refund has been processed, the ATO sends the refund to your independent fully secured Fee From Refund bank account and an advice to you. Simply upload this advice and Fee From Refund does the rest. This allows you to reconcile 1 or 1000 customers all at the push of a button.

Fee From Refund - Step 4
Step 5.

Once the clients’ fees are reconciled (this is completed daily) the client’s refund is directly deposited into their nominated bank account, less the fees. Fee From Refund will then forward your net Practices’ Fees to you.