Benefits of using Fee From Refund

Never before have you been able to have your fees paid so quickly. The Fee From Refund System pays your fees into your nominated bank account the same day as the client’s refund is sent to their nominated bank account. Full reporting is available at all times to allow you to reconcile funds paid to your account.

Our innovative system focuses on reducing the additional workload and hassle of managing and balancing your own trust account.

Fee From Refund saves you time, effort and stress giving you a competitive advantage. The system also instantly recognises any client debt and commences collection process, then provides delivery advice and funds to your practice.

There is just one low fee per refund that is covered by your customer. Our fee has been researched to ensure it is in line with what the fee from refund process currently costs your practice to administer. Customers want the fee from refund service for the convenience and the efficiency of having their refund paid into their bank account sooner as most refunds are transferred within 2 working days after the ATO has deposited the funds into your Fee From Refund account.


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