Frequently Asked Questions

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How long until I receive my fees?

Your fees are paid into your nominated account the SAME DAY as the client refund is sent.  There is NO FASTER WAY for you to receive your fees.

How do I know the funds are secure?

This is the most frequently asked question.  By arrangement with St George Bank each Practice is issued with their own secure individual FFR account.  These accounts have No chequebooks or over the counter withdrawals.  The only way money can be transferred is electronically which means St George bank hold all transaction information and records.  There are also checks and balances within the system itself to protect you and FFR.  You can also receive view only access codes to your FFR account allowing you to see all transactions anytime you need if required.

What if the customer doesn’t receive a refund?

In the event that a client receives less than the fees, or in fact is a nil return client, FFR automatically writes to the client to advise them of the debt and an intending debit scheduled to recover the debt and also provides the client with a 1800 number direct to Fee From Refund customer support team should they wish to make alternative arrangements.

Can I use my own trust account?

Yes. You can experience all the time saving benefits of the Fee From Refund system whilst using your own exiting trust account for an annual subscription fee of just $1200 p.a.

You will be provided with all the tools to create a complete payment file for you to upload to your bank for processing at the push of a button.

How much does it cost?

Fee From Refund Account: The transaction fee is $12.00 including GST.   We set our fee at this level after researching various Practices to discover that this is what it approximately costs to manage the fee From refund process in house.  This alone makes the system cost neutral to your Practice with all the benefits of time saving, customer satisfaction, easy reporting and minimising bad debtors.

Your Trust Account: You can  experience all the time saving benefits of the Fee From Refund system whilst using your own exiting trust account for an annual subscription fee of just $1200 p.a.

What reports do I receive?

There is a full range of reporting available 24/7 including:

  1. Unmatched Deposit Report
    This details any deposits that cannot be matched to a client which generally means the customer’s details have yet to be entered into the system
  2. 21 Day report
    This report advises the practice if nothing has been processed for a particular client after 21 days or more
  3. Partner Payment Report
    As the name suggests, this identifies which clients have been reconciled and details the fees that are being paid to you for each client.

How long until the customer receives their refund once the ATO have deposited into my FFR account?

As the FFR system is electronic your client’s will receive their Tax Refund in the shortest possible timeframe being midnight the next working day from when the EFT report is loaded into the system. This report notifies the system that the ATO have made the relevant deposit into your FFR account and for whom it is for.

How does Fee From Refund (FFR) save me time?

The Fee From Refund System has been developed to turn what is a manual process into an electronic process.  Data is simply entered into the secure website. The practice then nominates the Fee From Refund bank account for the ATO to deposit the client’s refund.  When the practice sets up the system within their office, they request an EFT Report from the ATO (a process that only takes a few moments and only needs to be done once).  This report is the foundation of the Fee From Refund system and is the main time saving feature.  The EFT Report identifies who the various deposits within your Fee From Refund account belong to and matches in the system via Tax File Number to ensure accuracy of transactions. The EFT Report can list one client’s refund through to thousands if applicable allowing you to process many customers refunds at the push of one button.

Can I stop using the system?

Yes.  As your connection to the Fee From Refund system is managed from your Practice you can terminate at any time simply by discontinuing adding new customers on the site.

How long after I complete the partner agreement can I expect to be issued with my access codes to use the Fee From Refund system?

Upon FFR receiving your completed Free Trial Request  we usually have you set up ready to go within 48 hours.  Our team will provide you with your secure log in codes, along with a comprehensive user manual and everything you need to get started.  We are also just a phone call away to assist you with anything you may need.

How long does FFR take to set up in my practice?

As the system is web based, once you are issued with your secure log in codes, you will have immediate access to the system.   From there, you will need to enter your FFR bank account details into your tax software and request an EFT report from the ATO – this process usually only takes around 3-4 minutes.

What if I need help?

There is a help desk available all year round and should you need to call, a human will answer your call and solve the question on the spot or get back to you as quickly as possible.

How secure is the information provided?

When you log in to the secure site, all data is protected by a 2048 bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate. This is important as it keeps information sent to and receive from Fee From Refund to your browser encrypted and protected from unauthorised access.

Where is the data stored?

Our data is stored on Australian based servers only and with a reputable web hosting company.