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Fee From Refund Pty Ltd ABN 99 156 638 890
Email: • P: 1300 419 945

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Fee From Refund (FFR) will provide a web based fee from refund management system which ensures your fees are deducted from your clients refund and electronically settled to both the client and your practice on your behalf. Customer expectations are fully maintained throughout with practice specific correspondence issued to relevant customers. Fee From Refund instantly recognises any customers debt and commences collection process, delivery advice and funds to your practice. Information and status on all customers is available direct via the web site.


Practice/Registered Company Name Agrees

To offer the Fee from Refund Service to all customers, the Tax Practice must strictly adhere to all procedures in offering the Fee From Refund. A service fee for Fee From Refund of $12.00 (twelve dollars) including GST is drawn from each individual transaction. This service fee is deducted from the practice fees entered on the Client's form.

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I / We agree to the terms and conditions of the Fee From Refund Service Agreement contained herein and request that you accept our once off set-up fee of $399.00 for the Fee From Refund Service by: (select one below or leave this section blank to take advantage of the Free Trial. An invoice for the setup fee will then be forwarded to you on the 31st October to allow you time to ensure your trial period.)
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request you debit my/our account (described above), any amounts which Fee From Refund (User 432851) may debit or charge me/us through the Direct Debit System.

I/We understand that:

  • The Bank/Financial Institution may, at its absolute discretion, determine the order of priority of payment by it of any moneys pursuant to this authority or mandate;
  • The Bank/Financial Institution may, at its absolute discretion, at any time by notice in writing to me/us, terminate this authority as to future debits.
  • The User may, by prior arrangement and advice to me/us, a vary the amount of frequency of future debits.


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